Ani Papazyan shares the step-by-step journey of how she turned her passion for helping people live without pain into her ideal boutique practice. Her story demonstrates how persistence, continually enhancing your skills, and staying true to your purpose can empower any entrepreneur to design their ultimate dream business.

Tune in now and get Ani Papazian’s thoughts on:

  • How she overcame early challenges like language barriers and built her reputation.
  • Landing an opportunity to tour with celebrity client Janet Jackson.
  • Why she believes in constantly learning new modalities and techniques.
  • Easy “body hacks” anyone can use at home for pain relief.
  • Her next chapter focused on speaking and writing to empower more people.

And much, much more!


“Follow your passion. What’s most important to you, not what someone says you should do or someone what’s what makes you happy.”
~ Ani Papazyan

Key Highlights

Ani Papazyan shares the story of how she built her pain resolution and holistic health business from humble beginnings in a makeshift garage to a thriving boutique practice today. We learn how she overcame challenges like language barriers, continued her education, and built her reputation.

Ani recounts her experience serving as Janet Jackson’s massage therapist on the iconic Velvet Rope World Tour. She provides advice for entrepreneurs looking to follow their passion and explains why she is embarking on a new speaking journey to empower more people to live pain-free, healthy lives.

Key Highlights:

  • Follow your passion, not what others say you should do – Staying true to what makes you intrinsically happy and fulfilled is crucial advice for entrepreneurs.
  • Never stop learning – Actively studying industry advancements, and innovations from others, and continuing education demonstrates a growth mindset committed to improvement.
  • Clearly identify your ideal client – Defining and targeting your perfect customers allows you to focus time/resources on those most likely to purchase and value your offering.

This was a fascinating discussion – tune in to hear Ani’s remarkable journey and health tips in her own words!

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