Book marketing and publishing strategist Melanie Herschorn shares her views on the importance of publishing your signature book and how it can elevate your brand visibility and impact.

Tune in and get Melanie’s thoughts on:

  1. The right platforms to adapt to promote your book.
  2. The importance of creating relatable content and leveraging podcast appearances as part of your book marketing strategy.
  3. Learn why investing in building relationships and creating a community can change the trajectory of your book Marketing.

Don’t miss out on these expert tips. Tune in now to develop your book marketing strategies for long-term success!


“A book opens up opportunities like higher fees, speaking gigs, courses, and more.”
~ Melanie Herschorn

Key Highlights

This episode offers incredible value for authors looking to boost their business with their latest book.

Watch out for these highlights:

  • Growing your audience as you write
  • Opening up opportunities like higher fees, courses & more
  • Crafting messages that resonate with your ideal reader
  • Leveraging podcast interviews for visibility
  • Choosing ideal social platforms for your readers

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