Drawing on data from millions of LeadPages landing pages, Bob Sparkins reveals insider optimization strategies to boost conversions up to 50% or more. Tune in now and get Bob’s tactics on creating high-converting pages that capture more leads and sales.

  • How to ensure your lead magnet offers quick value to connect with cold traffic.
  • Crafting benefit-focused headlines optimized for transformation.
  • Keeping landing pages ultra-focused to move visitors to convert.
  • AB testing core elements like headlines and lead magnet type.
  • Design essentials for ease, flow, and higher conversions.
  • Ensuring your landing page is fully mobile optimized.
  • And much more hard-won knowledge from 10 years of optimizing thousands of LeadPages customer landing pages!


“If it doesn’t have a “so what?” factor to it, don’t include it on your landing page.”
~ Bob Sparkins, Leadpages.com

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