LinkedIn expert Tom Ryan shares his proven method for doing effective outreach at scale using value offers instead of sales pitches. You’ll get concrete tips on optimizing your LinkedIn profile, crafting compelling messaging, and leveraging tools like InMail, Services, and Groups to deliver value to prospects in a personalized way.

Tune in now and get Tom Ryan’s thoughts on:

  • How to create an effective LinkedIn outreach strategy using personalized value offers instead of salesy pitches
  • Concrete tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile for generating more leads
  • Leveraging tools like InMail, Services, and Groups to message prospects at scale
  • Crafting compelling messaging focused on delivering value, not promoting yourself
  • And much, much more!


“A value offer is something that’s not going to be your core service, what you’re trying to sell someone or pitch someone. It’s really about. What’s something that I can kind of package up and, and give to somebody who is likely having the problem that I solve.”
~ Tom Ryan

Key Highlights

Here are five highlights to look out for:

  1. Tom shares how to do effective LinkedIn outreach by leading with a “value offer” instead of a sales pitch.
  2. A value offer is a free, personalized slice of service that demonstrates expertise and gives a reason to follow up.
  3. Tips for optimizing your LinkedIn profile for lead generation, including banner, headline, featured section, and call-to-action link.
  4. Ways to message prospects at scale on LinkedIn using open inMail, services profiles, and LinkedIn groups.
  5. The importance of creating consistent, value-focused content to build authority and credibility.

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