In this episode, Johnathon Price reveals the transformative power of YouTube for business growth. He shares his top strategies for enhancing viewer engagement, building a robust email list, and effectively leveraging YouTube’s vast reach to expand business operations. Tune in now and get Johnathon Price’s thoughts on:

  • How to start strong and lay the foundation for a powerful YouTube client acquisition tool
  • Overcoming significant challenges and turning obstacles into growth opportunities
  • Essential tools and software for managing and enhancing viewer engagement
  • Building a sustainable email list from your YouTube audience
  • Leveraging your YouTube presence on other platforms
  • And much, much more!


“Turning viewers into clients requires a strategic approach—focus on building relationships, not just numbers.”
~ Johnathon Price

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Connect with Johnathon and ask him questions and answers on how he transformed his business from his parent’s attic to $20 Million thrive auto audio business at his website:

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