Are past triggers and experiences holding you back from living your best life? Learn how to respond instead of reacting by uncovering the secrets to building resilience on this week’s Lead Machine Growth Show.

Ilona Rubashevsky shares her insights on reducing the power of triggers, taking situations less personally, and increasing positivity. Tune in now and get her thoughts on building resilience and responding versus reacting to increase positivity in your life.

Tune in now and get Ilona’s thoughts on:

  • How to stop reliving your worst moments and replaying your mind’s negative “Netflix marathon”.
  • Why do people trigger you, and how do you not take it so personally?
  • A 5-step strategy using the acronym T.W.E.R.C. to clear triggers.
  • And much, much more!


“We get triggered because we’re so comfortable right over here, so comfortable with our set beliefs, our set boundaries, our set everything that we don’t want to move up here to our future self.”
~ Ilona Rubashevsky

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From Triggered To Holstered In Under 2 Minutes – 25 Tips and Tricks to Cool Down Your Triggers in Under 2 Minutes

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