Do you cringe when you see yourself on camera? If so, you’re not alone. 93% of entrepreneurs earn less than $100 per week, often because poor on-camera presence drives away potential customers.

In this episode, 40-year video production expert Roy Varner shares his insider tips for projecting competence, confidence and trustworthiness on camera so you can convert more leads into sales.

Discover how to identify and eliminate distracting video habits along with simple tweaks to improve lighting, framing, wardrobe and backdrops. Roy also stresses the importance of authenticity in connecting with your ideal clients.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your on-camera presence! Tune in now to pick up Roy’s game-changing best practices for looking and sounding like a seasoned pro.

Tune in now and get Roy Varner’s thoughts on how to:

  • Identify and eliminate video “voodoos” like improper framing or lighting that detract from your professionalism.
  • Learn techniques to showcase your authentic self and connect with ideal prospects on camera.
  • Gain confidence through real-world coaching and a step-by-step improvement process.
  • Understand the psychology behind building trust and credibility visually.
  • Tips to match your confident self-image with polished on-camera delivery.
  • And much, much more!


“When people get on camera and try to be like the gurus with the formulaic stuff, be yourself and then people will know what they’re getting.”
~ Roy “Video Maestro” Varner

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