Struggling to get high-quality leads? Worn-out tactics not cutting it anymore?

You know warm leads are the lifeblood of a thriving service business. But cold outreach and paid ads just aren’t working these days.

Instead, tune into this game-changing episode with email marketing expert Ellen Finkelstein and discover:

🌟 A contrarian approach to email that converts subscribers into warm leads

🌟 Places to connect with potential partners ready to promote your offers

🌟 Specific techniques to turn subscribers into paying clients

Ellen reveals the power of strategic email partnerships to gain “friends willing to help you and vice versa.”

She details how to structure winning funnels and unpacks common myths around email marketing.

You’ll also learn why you need to own your email list rather than rely solely on social media.

If you’re ready to transform your business, don’t miss this value-packed episode!


“It becomes a partnership and that I gain friends this way. I gain people who are willing to help me. I’m willing to help them. And, so it’s, it’s kind of like a very light, easy way to do it.”
~ Ellen Finkelstein

Key Highlights

Strategic email partnerships catapult your business by generating warm leads.

Key highlights:

  • Recommendations transfer trust and social proof, making subscribers more likely to convert
  • Giveaways, summits, and networking meetings offer opportunities to connect with potential partners
  • Promote partners first to build initial goodwill, credibility, and prove you can drive results
  • Consistent, valuable content and offers over time nurture subscriber relationships and conversions
  • Multiple affiliate links and recommendations provide ongoing value and resources for your audience

Invitation From Guest

10 Techniques for Better Results from Your Emails: More Engagement, Opens, and Clicks:

  • Make more offers with fewer unsubscribes.
  • Write emails that are interesting and valuable enough so your readers thank you for sending them offers.
  • Increase your income because more subscribers open, click, and buy!
  • Get better partners to promote you PLUS more affiliate income.

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