In this timely interview, Cap’t Jim Palmer shares how he became known as the Dream Business Coach.

He touches on his journey on his “Floating Home”, beating cancer, and key insights on creating the life and business of your dreams.

Tune in now and get Cap’t Jim Palmer’s thoughts on:

  • Aligning personal values and goals with your dream lifestyle and his guiding principles – Values, Legacy, and No Ripple Effect.
  • With 548 Dream Business Radio episodes, Jim reveals his platform’s leverage and how it fuels his business.
  • Some of the tools he uses to be “seen everywhere.”
  • Building a team to support your growth early and to “Stay in your Lane”
  • Advice for those starting out “You can’t have one foot on the dock and one foot on the boat!”
  • And much, much more!

Invitation From Guest

Jim offers a gift for you to take the next step in turning your ordinary business into a Dream Business.

It’s called the 10-Day Transformation To A Dream Business – claim yours now:

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