This interview provides clever, budget-friendly marketing tips from serial entrepreneur Jean Kuhn to help boost your business. You’ll learn easy tweaks like improving messaging and customer service, smart email marketing, strategic volunteering, guerrilla tactics, and more to generate leads and sales without spending a fortune.

Tune in now and get Jean Kuhn’s thoughts on:

  • How minor tweaks in messaging and customer service can boost leads.
  • Why sampling and strategic volunteering build your brand.
  • How to use email marketing to engage customers.
  • Guerrilla tactics that drove sales with no budget.
  • Creating funny commercials that attract clients.
  • And much, much more!


“Customer service is really super easy to do in your business. Just be nice to people, give them an experience.”
~ Jean Kuhn

Key Highlights

Here are some of the key highlights you will get from this interview:

  • Learn no-cost marketing strategies from a serial entrepreneur who turned around two bankrupt businesses
  • Understand how small tweaks to messaging and customer service can boost leads
  • Discover the power of strategic sampling and email marketing for engagement
  • Get ideas for guerrilla tactics that drive sales and create buzz
  • Take away practical tips to implement in your own business right away
  • And more!

Check out the practical, budget-friendly marketing advice from someone who has done it before. Get creative growth strategies you can put into action immediately to boost leads and sales.

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5 Low-Cost/No-Cost Marketing Strategies That make your business more appealing.

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