Nancy Juetten provides valuable insights on cultivating strategic partnerships that generate warm leads and referrals. She shares specific tactics for crafting effective introductions, choosing collaborative partners who complement your niche, and supporting affiliates to expand their reach.

Tune in to get Nancy’s best tips on partnering strategically to grow your business.

  • The power of strategic partnerships for generating warm leads and referrals
  • Crafting thoughtful introductions that spark real relationships.
  • Qualities to look for in affiliate partners and joint ventures.
  • Supporting partners to expand reach and mutually benefit.
  • And much, much more!


“I’d rather create a real relationship with a human being than have a smiling and dialing to cold leads that have no connection to me.”
~ Nancy Juetten

Key Highlights

On Strategic Partners

  1. The importance of strategic partnerships and warm referrals for lead generation. Finding partners that can refer customers to you and vice versa is a powerful way to grow your business through word-of-mouth.
  2. How to craft effective introductions to create authentic relationships. Thoughtful, enthusiastic introductions make people more likely to connect and do business with each other.
  3. Tips for identifying potential partners, clients, and guests who are a good fit. Seeking collaborators who complement your offerings and serve your target audience avoids wasted effort and ensures mutually beneficial arrangements.

A Great Guest is…

“A great guest for a show has value to add that the host is interested in and that the embedded audience will also gain value from. A great guest for the show knows how to deliver content in a winning way so that everyone is well served. But a great guest for your show is also someone who is eager and willing to repurpose the show in all kinds of winning ways so that more eyes and ears can benefit from what the show was about.”
~ Nancy Juetten

Three Actions Steps

  1. Map out potential partners on a tic-tac-toe board.
  2. Look at your inbox for possible collaborators.
  3. Be the kind of person you want to work with.

Invitation From Guest

Listeners can download a special report that guides them to answer 6 crucial questions to ensure every move they make moves the needle while kicking cringe-worthy activities to the curb. It’s designed to serve successful and established lifestyle business owners.

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