Tune in now and get Brittany Long’s thoughts on how to leverage AI to boost your visibility, reach more of your ideal clients, and grow your business faster than you ever thought possible.

Brittany shares:

  • How to use AI tools like BARD and ChatGPT to conduct hyper-targeted market research so you can create content your audience actively searches for.
  • Clever tactics for getting AI to brainstorm wildly creative, outside-the-box promotional ideas you’d never think of.
  • How to use AI-powered tools like Humantik to analyze prospects and craft personalized outreach for higher conversion rates.
  • Steps for optimizing and automating parts of your business so you can work less and focus on your unique value.
  • Real-life examples of clients generating 5-6 figures in revenue with the help of AI.
  • And much, much more!


“I’ll go to ChatGPT, and I’ll say, this is an offer I have coming up. What are questions that I need to address, or what are objections people will have that I need to address? So, before I launch, before I even do a pre-launch sequence, what I’m doing is on social talking about, I know the questions that are, that are going to come up for them.”
~ Brittany Long

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120 ways to use AI in your business today


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