Content strategist Krystal Proffitt shares actionable tips on creating evergreen content and podcasting for audience growth and lead generation in this episode. She discusses her method for streamlined content creation, repurposing content, and using AI tools effectively.

Tune in now and get Krystal Proffitt’s thoughts on:

  • The PREP-M method – Plan, Record, Edit, Publish, Market – provides a framework for efficient and compelling content creation. Spending time upfront on planning leads to confidence and less frustration.
  • How being a podcast guest is a great way to expand your reach and network. Always share when you are a guest on other shows to build authority and social proof.
  • Using AI tools strategically (like Buzzsprout’s Co-host AI) allows you to repurpose podcast content easily into blogs, social posts, video scripts, and more while maintaining your voice.
  • And much, much more!


“The thing that I want people listening to today, if you’re thinking about starting any kind of content and what that could look like for you, is I want you to think about how can I make this last longer than. That six seconds of, you know, going viral on TikTok or Instagram or any of the other platforms, how can you make it something that lasts?
~ Krystal Proffitt

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