Katja Rusanen shares the importance of storytelling for entrepreneurs and provides practical advice on how to share personal and professional stories effectively.

She highlights three core stories every entrepreneur should develop based on their own experiences.

Katja also gives three key elements of a powerful story.

Tune in now and get Katja Rusanen’s thoughts on:

  • How the childhood story of three mice triggered her desire for storytelling.
  • The traumatic experience that nearly took her life unlocked love, peace, and her calling to help others.
  • The #1 reason why entrepreneurs need stories.
  • The three key types of stories we need to connect with clients.
  • Why entrepreneurs struggle with their stories.
  • Three steps to get ready to tell great stories.
  • And much, much more!

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Get Katja’s gift to you, 3 Keys to Telling Personal Stories That Attract Clients, and discover the three essential elements to include in your personal stories that will attract your ideal clients, create an emotional connection, and inspire them to work with you.


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