In this episode, we explore the power of virtual events and learn proven strategies to enhance your networking skills. Build genuine connections that propel your success.

Tune in now and get Michael Whitehouse’s thoughts on:

  • The #1 problem with traditional networking that backfires every time.
  • A better way to approach networking.
  • The seven-word introduction formula makes them lean in.
  • The Circus Tent speaking method makes presenting your ideas easy.
  • And much, much more!


“This is what stops people at networking events. They have been taught to focus on the wrong thing…

…Your job is not to sell something. It is not to teach people about you. It is not to build your brand.

It is to solve a problem.

For every person you talk to, you need to find their problem, and you need to figure out something. You have to solve it, and you can do that in three ways. And introduction, advice, or a product or service? Rarely is most rarely the third one; it’s most often the first one.” ~ Michael Whitehouse

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