In this enlightening interview, Sara Roccisano discusses her bold decision to leave a successful 20-year career in finance to pursue her entrepreneurial dreams. She explores the challenges and rewards of stepping into the unknown, offering insights into how personal values can shape professional paths. Sara’s story is a powerful example of how embracing change can lead to fulfilling and authentic life experiences.

Tune in now and get Sara Roccisano’s thoughts on:

  • The pivotal moment convinced her to transition from corporate security to entrepreneurial risk.
  • Strategies for leveraging previous corporate experiences to build a new and passionate business.
  • The personal growth and discoveries that come from stepping out of your comfort zone.
  • Techniques for managing the uncertainties of entrepreneurship.
  • And much, much more!


“Stepping into entrepreneurship is not just a career change; it’s a lifestyle transformation that demands passion, persistence, and a willingness to embrace new challenges.”
~ Sara Roccisano

Invitation From Guest

Sara invites listeners to visit her website,, where she shares more about her travel experiences and entrepreneurial insights. She also offers a preview of her upcoming book, which chronicles her personal and professional transformation.

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