Discover the power of ‘Set-and-Forget’ direct mail techniques in this insightful episode with Travis Lee, a pioneer. Learn how targeted, innovative direct mail strategies can significantly enhance your marketing efforts, driving higher engagement and conversion rates. Travis unveils the secrets to making direct mail a profitable and indispensable part of your business growth strategy in 2024.

Tune in now and get Travis Lee’s thoughts on:

  • The Relevance of Direct Mail Today: Why direct mail remains critical to modern marketing strategies.
  • Building Email Lists Through Direct Mail: Strategies for integrating direct mail into your digital marketing efforts to enhance your email outreach.
  • The Unique Edge of 3D Mail: How Travis Lee’s 3D Mail system creates memorable experiences and opens up new possibilities in direct marketing.
  • Success Stories from Real Businesses: Case studies highlighting the transformative impacts of effective direct mail campaigns.
  • And much, much more!


“Incorporate direct mail into your marketing mix and watch your response rates soar.”
~ Travis Lee

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Travis Lee offers listeners an exclusive look into effective direct mail strategies with his book, “The Simple 3-Step Process That Ensures Direct Mail Success.” Available for just $2.97 at

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